Thursday, January 4, 2018

mini love - part 37

I just want to post a few important areas of Mini's wiring diagram that I often need to refer to.


electric power steering
PS fan and engine cooling fan

I added 2 more debug wires to the bi-metal gauge cluster that I am helping him fault diagnose; the last thing I want is to misdiagnose

these are the photos taken back in 2004 when Mini first arrived from Ohio bought new over the internet sight unseen; the local scum dealer had $10,000 mark up over the sticker price

my $2.74 spare dipstick shipped from China for Mini instead of $25 MINI USA charges

being so cheap I had fairly low expectation but I compare the original one with it side by side

not the differences but rather the nearly identical construction down to the injection seams and dimples

I would later notice the flying goose logo on both which suggest it is made by the same OEM manufacturer

the closeup of the flying goose on both

we have a few days of spring like weather now in January; the GT4 and Mini both got a spa

this is my favorite part of the Mini exterior styling

I have been wanting to photograph Mini with the lights on and I learnt that the ambient lighting has to be just right due to the very limited dynamic range of camera imagers

two short videos of the European emergency flashers

the instrument lighting are some of the most difficult thing to photograph

going to this store is like I landed in South Korea

Koreans like their Spam  and luncheon meat - thanks to the US involvement in the Korean war; who says aggression and warfare are not good things?

here is a quick exercise to crop out the ugliness of a photo of the Mini taken at an ubiquitous American shopping center

a bit better, but not by much

this is the best I can do

this photo also has been cropped to rid the abandoned sofas

here is one impromptu photo with ideal backdrop

mini having a nap in peaceful bliss

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