Wednesday, January 24, 2018

poached black cod with fried gluten

I suddenly has this idea to poach cod at low heat. The reason I have this idea is cod meat is firm and easy to handled raw, but easily falls into pieces while cooking. By poaching it at low heat I can better control in having it cook just right, which can be hard especially if the meat is thick from a big fish.

I am not fussy with the ingredients in this dish. I just use what I have on hand as long as I think they go with the mild piece of fresh cod. For this I bought a small piece of tail and fillet it myself. It gives me two equal pieces enough for two servings.

The ingredients I used are cod fillet, sake, salt, ginger, scallion, garlic, Asian cabbage, Napa cabbage, shiitake mushroom, fried gluten (seitan), and olive oil.

here is a meal made of one of the two pieces of the fillets from the cod tail

I used this non-flavored fried gluten - do not buy the one that are flavored and ready to eat

for best result stew it for may at least half an hour to tenderize them; a few pieces goes a long ways

here is another meal made with the other piece of the fillet from the tail that I bought

I really like this way of preparing cod. I think I will buy fresh cod more often. Buying fish is often quite stressful for me if I don't cook them and let it set in the refrigerator. Fish loses the freshness very fast in a household fridge.

Speaking of fried gluten (saitan). Quite often the unflavored one is all sold out, or the store simple carry only the flavored ones. I bought this flavored one that is ready to eat against my hunch it most likely not good. It turned out it is so laden with sugar and MSG that I just cannot eat it. Not wanting to waste them, I boiled a few pieces in water to try removing most of the MSG and sugar to no avail.

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