Monday, March 19, 2018

mini love - part 40

I have been on the fence a long time considering getting a purpose-built short shifter for the Mini.

I prefer to call it long shifter for the increase shaft length while people call it short shifter for the reduce throw displacements. There are two offered for my gen 1 Mini.

 this one by CAE

this one by CoolerWorx
a photo of the stock shifter

As the Porsche GT4 has the best gear shift and clutch of any car I have ever driven I use it as a shifter comparison against that in the Mini.

P = Porsche, M = Mini

The installation of one of these shifters will necessitate cutting into the plastic floor console to accommodate the metal structure and exposed pivot and linkages.

this is a photo of another Mini owner's installation; he did an amazing job in cutting the plastic floor console

I went ahead and ordered the CoolerWorx and it arrived after a few weeks. It is made in tiny EU country Lithuania. The long shifter will elevate the shift knob by about 6 inches, leaving it just short of the height of the horizontal spokes of the steering wheel.

While I don't believe the new shifter will materially improve my gear shift time, I am mainly looking for the increase in the fun factors for the already very fun Mini. I expect reduced vagueness, shorten gear shift throw displacements, shorten distance between the steering wheel grip and the gear knob, and improved tactile feedback.

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