Saturday, November 3, 2018

mini love - part 46

This was the second time I remove the supercharger from Desire for inspection. Last time I remove it the power take off gear housing as bone dry without oil. Surprisingly the gears showed no sign of premature wear. I fill up the SC with GM SC oil and had since driven on track many times. To my surprise somewhat, the high pitch noise did not subside with the replenished lubricant. Fearing the PTO housing seal may be leaking and all the oil got sucked into the SC compressor housing I remove the SC for the second time to investigate.

this spring clamp pliers made the job so much easier

the OE hose has marks for where the spring clamp should be oriented including the position of the ears

there is no published spec of the quantity of oil filled; this is what I came up with common sense experience

the gears showed no sign of premature wear

I concluded the high pitch noise is due to the far end ball bearings inside the compressor housing. This was not a good time for me to take the SC apart to investigate. It just had to last the remaining HPDE days of the season until I formulate a long term plan.

the two Teflon coated compressor scrolls had no signs of contact between them

when I searched for what is normal backlash for the PTO there was no useful information on the web so I recorded this one

I also replaced this radiator hose which had sign of chaffing damage from the plastic fan shroud

I need to use funnels now to fill engine oil and coolant with the addition of the strut tower cross brace

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