Friday, November 2, 2018

trailer prep of brunnhilde - part 6

This is one of many catch up posts, so it is foto heavy with little text. The fotos should tell most of the the story. This post pretty well wrap up the trailer preparation of the brake system for the open car Trailex tailer that I would pick up in Ohio in late August.

a new wire needed to be added for the trailer "brake" signal to the trailer connector at the hitch

this is the most over-designed most useless ashtray; I managed to break some plastic off the ashtray

a bit of human factor engineering quick mockup

no design options not explored

I want to maximize the utility of the aluminium plate for additional functions- hence the offset mount of the brake controller

this is the retrofit conductor for the trailer hitch connector for the "brake" signal

I took the opportunity to touch up the paint under the plastic threshold where there tend to rust because of standing water

all connections were done with solder - no stinking butt splices

next is to design and install a self-resetting breaker for the trailer brake controller's power

all done and Brunnhilde was ready for the cross country trip to pick up the open car trailer

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