Monday, May 27, 2013

taco, taco, and more taco

I had never tried making taco. Like a lot of people I ate plenty of bad ones at fast food places that are nothing like taco Mexicans eat. I only had real taco once in a restaurant that specialized in wood fired food including pizzas. I had fish tacos for the first time and they were so delicious.

I was just watching Pati's Mexican Table and in this show she made nothing but tacos. So when I went shopping I bought some Mexican ingredients. I didn't really plan the recipe in my head. I just picked up the ingredients as I see them knowing I would just improvise. I wanted to make fish taco so I picked up a few slices of snapper fillets. The rest would be what I already have at home.
poblano pepper - the key is to pick the smaller ones as they are more flavorful; i also bought a lot of sun dried ones
 serrano pepper and tomatillo
 i used a bit of achiote spice paste for the fish fillets
 i kept the charred skin for extra flavor for making a adobo like sauce with chopped onion, garlic etc
fish taco
i use this french crepe pan to toast the corn tortilla
In the next few days I made more fish tacos, beef tacos with some variation guided by my tasting of the finished products.
beef taco made with some left over hamburger beef

pati said there are two types of taco eating people; one holding the taco pinky in and the other pinky out; well i would started with pinky out and became pinky in after realizing the pinky is very useful to keep the precious filling from falling out
Pati also said the only right way to eat a taco is to hold the taco horizontal but to till your head to land a bite.
beef tacos made with cube steak
i used to dislike cilantro but in recent years i grew to love it
Tacos are so easy to make and you can use almost any ingredients. From now on it would become my regular go-to dishes.

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