Monday, May 27, 2013

tacos with homemade mole

Writing about my first attempt making taco got me fired up this morning. It is soggy outside and I have all the ingredients. No better day to try my hand in making mole. I had been very curious with what Mexicans do with these dried ancho (also called poblano) peppers. Watching Pati's Mexican Table I learnt the basics of making mole. It turns out to be very simple.

sun dried ancho peppers - just 3 goes a long way
removed the stems and cut into small pieces
 soaked in boiling water - to save time i let it simmer under low heat a bit
some of the ingredients of making beef taco this morning
 blend the ancho peppers, tomatillo, tomato, garlic, serrano pepper, and onion to form a paste
 simmer in medium low heat to reduce; i also added some dried mexican oregono
you can see it becomes a thicker paste and the complex flavors intensify - i season with salt and pepper
building a beef taco; i sear the beef on a iron skillet outdoors in street vendor fashion; spread the mole and avocado sauce (mixed with minced garlic, salt, and olive oil)
this is the second batch of cube steak

 put in sensible amount of beef
 add garnish - chopped cilantro, scallions, and raw onion
 drizzle a bit of tapatio salsa hot sauce
 here is my batch of precious homemade mole - it is a bit like very good italian ragu sauce but more complex and spicier

So I polished 7 delectable beef tacos this morning.

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