Wednesday, September 27, 2017

bbc proms

How I love the BBC Proms. The most recent night recording has the Finlandia in the choral version which I'd never heard until now. I much prefer it over the orchestral version.

I cannot have enough of BBC Proms. So diverse of works that are rarely played and under recognised.
I really like all the pieces in this night's performance. So many classic tunes that I recognize but never know what they are. Sadly this is the last night of the 2017 Proms. In the past month I have listened to most of the episodes countless time knowing that good things don't last.

To get the best of audio reproduction, I use the iPhone to airplay to a Sony home audio receiver that supports it. So it is a internet audio on demand that sounds much better than FM radio, in which the quality is limited by the audio streaming source. SymphonyCast sound quality is excellent. It is my top classical music source now.

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