Sunday, September 24, 2017

mini at the track - part 6

I went to the HPDE day at PIR. My friend and I both wanted to have one more track day to wrap up the season. It is a day designed to maximum the time on the track. Each run group gets 120 minutes of driving, which is a lot.

this panoramic was taken when I arrived at 7:00 AM so not all the cars has arrived

my buddy's red Mini and the yellow Lotus we befriended

this is a monster Mini with a lot of RMW rare go fast parts - the owner said it produces just under 400 HP

the front of the monster Mini that I got to ride in for a few laps

we also have good chats with these folks

this Lotus must be the fastest in our run group that day

I have been seeing a lot of BRZ and its rebadged siblings at the track this year

I have seen this same GT4 Clubsport at PIR many times now

 I generally travel light to the track

 Nissan GTR

as always there are many Vettes

we finished at about 5pm

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