Thursday, October 26, 2017

hairy gourd 毛瓜

I made a few variations of a simple stir fry dishes with this one hairy gourd 毛瓜. I like hairy gourd if it is cooked just right and it is still a bit crunchy. A stir fry hairy gourd is best with very few ingredients, and seasoning chosen so not to obscure the gourd's mild sweetness.

Just this one gourd I made three meals out of it. I found out the best way to store gourd is generally not in the refrigerator, but just indoors and protect it from moisture loss with a plastic wrap.

this dish consists of only a link of good quality Chinese sausage, garlic, ginger, and sliced up hairy gourd

I happened to came across these wild cockles from New Zealand again and I snapped up a bag. They are the best substitute for blood cockles in Asia which often eat at your own risks.

they are quite expensive by weight as the shells are thick and heavy; however they are so delicious

they are best slightly undercooked to preserve their juiciness; i made a condiment of vinegar and Tabasco sauce

this one has better presentation with the addition of scallions and crab meat

I used a bit of oyster sauce and fish sauce as seasoning of the stir fry. This is a prime example of authentic Chinese home cooking, simple and light.

this one has addition of a bit of finely slice pork

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