Saturday, October 21, 2017

storm drain

The storm drain in front of my driveway has deteriorated markedly this past rainy season. I noticed cracks on the pavement around the drain basin where some rainwater entered instead of being channeled into the storm drain. I knew sooner or later subsurface erosion will cause the pavement, and my driveway to sink.

These photos were taken back in mid summer, when the pavement sunk considerably. The subsurface erosion obvious from the cracks around the drain basin and the rain water find its way under the pavement instead of into the storm drain.

I use a flipflop to show how much it has sunken at the worst places

on the left side it is more than the wide of a credit card

you can also see a hole right of the credit card where water enters

after dogging the water bureau for 5 months they finally came and perform the repair

the crew was nice and did a good job after I express my concern of the difficulty of my cars negotiate the sunken pavement onto the driveway

 the concrete took close to a week to set properly

this is the photo taken after the repair - now with a double basin and grate

It has been raining incessantly here for the last 4 days and the storm drain has been getting a good workout. We have undepletable supply of rain from the Pacific.

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