Thursday, October 19, 2017

home made char siu 叉燒 and glutinous rice

I was not planning to make this batch of char siu. The piece of pork was sitting in the refrigerator and I had to do something with it before it passes its prime. I want something simple, and I decided why not make char siu with it.

It sounds strange that I would choose to make char siu because I didn't want to spend a bunch of time. While for most making char siu is labour intensive, not for me that has a propane fueled smoker. It is as simple as marinate the pork, throw a few piece of smoking wood in water, and wait a day or so before doing the hot smoking.

in addition to some salt for seasoning, these are the only condiments I used to marinate the pork

doing the hot smoking is so simple; just start the smoker to heat it up, then add the wet wood, and followed by the pork

here I made a simple meal of rice served with char siu 叉燒飯

another meal of same and wash down with good Chinese tea

Still have plenty of char siu left I decided to make a batch of glutinous rice.

presoak the glutinous rice before steaming it

these Asian dried shrimps are a bit passed their prime, but usable

this has to be one of the ugliest Lexus; I first thought it is an over-styled Hyundai

I am sure it rides very nice and fast, but that styling got to go

to avoid the geometric distortion of the Mini taking with an iPhone's wide angle, I took the photo with the Mini in the middle of the frame, and then crop it to put the Mini off center that I want the composition

preparing the cooked ingredients to go with the steamed glutinous rice

In addition to diced up char siu, there are diced up shiitake mushroom, a link of quality Chinese sausage

I dry roasted some raw peanut for the topping; there are also some chopped scallions and cilantro which go really well for this dish

this dish is so delicious one have to exercise portion control; the use of this small exquisite Japanese bowl is the secret to portion control

there are many meals of snack like this; this bowl is carelessly assembled, hence lack presentation and appeal

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  1. Just love your cooking style and commentary. Also you are right on with the Lexus styling, and the Acuras for that matter. Cheap looking, imbalanced, and just hard to look at. Whatever happened to form follows function?