Tuesday, October 17, 2017

mini love - part 28

To prove out my concept of assembling a GoPro camera mount for used with Harry's Laptimer I invested in this 1 inch ball base. This forms the foundation of my GoPro camera mount that will be secured to the head rest of the passenger seat. One of my objective is to be able to use the camera with a passenger.
The RAM Mount base arrived. There is two u-bolts for different diameter ranges.

 As I want to do a quick test I didn't use the locknuts that came with it.

I assemble the camera mount using other RAM Mount components that I have on hand for a quick test. Since I don't yet have a GoPro nor a mounting base for it I used a iPhone 5S as a mockup.

note that there is no dangerous protruding pieces in case of a crash

the iPhone lens cover a pretty perspective of everything of interest; this temporary arm is a little short until I procure a the 6-inch arm

 this is a photo taken with the iPhone 5S in the mount - I think the GoPro has a wider angle lens

For this proof of concept exercise I use a standard arm on hand that measures 4.25 inch long. Once I decide to use RAM Mount component to assemble this GoPro camera mount I purchase a longer arm that is 6 inch long.

The assembled RAM Mount assembly is plenty stout, especially for a light weight camera like a GoPro Hero 5 Black. I am quite satisfied with this configuration so I would go ahead and procure the remaining two pieces.

this is the 6-inch long arm that I need to purchase
 this is a ball joint for the GoPro mount that I also need to procure

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