Monday, January 22, 2018

a stir fry of sour mustard green with pork - 鹹菜炒豬肉

I was disappointed with the store bought sour mustard green only a few days ago making a similar dish with beef. Disappointment is an understatement. Instead of simple sour mustard green that should only be processed with salt and vinegar it had over-the-top amount of MSG added. The vinegar is of the chemical process instead real food vinegar (yes, I can taste it). I decided to take matter into my own hands, as always - try making the sour mustard green at home.

a store bought package sour mustard green; do not buy this brand

I picked one with the most meaty stems

I cut them into more manageable size to not waste too much sea salt

I brine them with coarse sea salt from S Korea for about 12 hours

then rinse lightly with cold water and drain

I then add in a estimated amount of distilled vinegar; the balance of vinegar and residual saltiness is quite important, and I nailed it

I tasted the finished sour mustard green and it is delicious, just like the best bulk one that I know of only one store in town has it. I decided to make a stir fry with it with the pork I have on hand.

I also wanted a little of fresh vegetable so I used a heart of Napa cabbage; I sliced all the ingredients into fine strips; I only used a few pieces of the sour mustard green

the result is a delicious dish that is appetizing; there is just a hint of sweetness from about a teaspoon of sugar used

With the success of making Asian sour mustard green I bought a bigger head of Asian mustard green while shopping at An Dong Market. I picked one with the most meaty stems.

this is close to two pounds so would make a good amount of sour mustard green

while there I saw these Taiwanese vegetables and snap a few photos; Taiwanese cabbage

a type of Asian cauliflower

another type of Asian cauliflower - note the loosely packed "flowers"

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