Tuesday, January 23, 2018

porsche 991.2 gt3 vs 981 gt4

It is a dumb post, I know. As most Porsche owners would know the rave of current Porsche GT cars is the 991.2 GT3 for it incredible performance. It should be for the price tag. I want to see how does the GT4 stacks up against the bigger brother GT3 in appearance.

For me I prefer photos taken not in profile as most often the proportions are distorted. To avoid color bias, I went and look for the same white color.

The question is for most people not intimately knowledgeable of the Porsche sports cars which is a better looking car? When is more a head turner?


  1. It would be nice to have studio shots of both to eliminate variables of lighting and background, and to see pictures of them together as well for direct comparison.

    I think a non-car person would be hard pressed to tell them apart.

    Me? I like them both, which is a testament to how well Porsche did designing the Cayman. All too often, manufacturers seem to intentionally "uglify" the cheaper model to avoid stealing sales from the more expensive model. For example, the BMW 1 Series looks like a malproportioned 3 Series. They could have made it better looking, but perhaps chose not to. The Cayman, however, is quite beautiful in its own right.

  2. John, I cannot say it more eloquently. As you previously pointed out, 911 rear end is longer and may look disconcerting for some. But once you know how hard it is to pack a 500HP flat six back there as well as the higher rear weight bias actually make for a better car on the track you would see the beauty. Both cars has their own form follows function aesthetics but one can see they share the deep rooted Porsche DNA.

    On the side view the GT3 appears a bit long. The GT4 has better proportion. The former appears less embellished as the latter's air scoops necessitated the crease on the otherwise clean body panels. I tend to like cars with little or no character lines and the Gen 1 modern Mini shares the similar clean body panels as the 911s - so are some of the best looking cars from the 50s and 60s.