Sunday, February 25, 2018

my spicy chicken wings

I don't use recipes nor do I like to create recipes. My cooking is all about intuitions and my life's experiences and history. Whenever I travel, I seldom fail to bring back something that inspires me which adds to my experience.

My technique of preparing chicken wings has evolved that I gravitate to hot and spicy. I use no sugar as sugar burns and too much is one main cause of obesity if not toxic. The key to delectable chicken wing is to marinate them so the flavor penetrates pass the fatty skin. I don't measure the portion of spices and seasoning. All are done by instinct. Here are the ingredients I use to marinate the wings.

Malaysian curry powder

freshly ground black pepper

dried thai chili pepper

Sichuan peppers - which I grind in a swirling blade coffee grinder

Chinese aged tangerine skin - which I grind with the Sichuan peppers; I put 2 pieces in just for fun but this is not necessary

Thai fish sauce is the main seasoning, in addition to a bit of salt

I mix it well and leave in the refrigerator overnight to marinate - there are 12 wings in there

I like to use the smallish infra broiler of this Japanese gas cooktop to prepare chicken wings; it can only hold about 6 wings at a time but is extremely energy efficient and fast

I broil the wings first with the underside up until they begin to brown. I set the heat not so hot to give the fat time to render out. Then I flip them over to broil the other side and it is as simple as that.

another batch of six wings

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