Saturday, February 17, 2018

automotive paint protection - thinking of the unthinkable

I have not invest (spend) in getting paint protection for my Porsche GT4. It is unthinkable for most owners of this car. I am just not crazy about the idea of paying someone a couple of thousand of dollars to put these film on.

I have been thinking of the unthinkable, wanting to tackle this job myself. I have no disillusion of how difficult it can be, especially for someone that has never been trained hands on. I am fearless for trying something new. There is very few projects that I haven't done.

one car buy computer cut kits - the common ones are 3M; Xpel plays protected industry and will not sell to non-trade individuals like me

this is a short video showing the basics but most jobs are much much more difficult

this is an excellent video in which a complex bumper is used for example and he patiently goes through all the subtle techniques

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