Tuesday, August 27, 2019

fresh pasta with seafood

I am amazed how little flour you need to make a serving of a delicious dish with home made pasta.

I had found myself making too big of a serving until I scrutinize the amount of dough I really need for one sensible serving. I have found carbohydrate like pasta, rice, and noodles goes straight to the waistline. The causality is almost immediate. I can tell the waistline get larger the following day.

this is now little dough that I need to make a sensible serving; I cut the pasta with this Italian machine just as I prepare the meal

I blenched the pasta less than a minute and it is done; this is the resulting dish with sea scallops and wild Gulf shrimps

this is another similar dish, but with Mahi Mahi

A dish like this typically takes under 30 minutes to make. The pasta dough is made beforehand that last for many meals in a batch of 1 cup of flour and 1 egg typically. Even with this sensible serving I cannot have this dish meal after meal or else the waistline get bigger. I like being slim - LOL.

here is another meal this time with sea scallops, wild US Gulf shrimps, and Dungeness crab meat, served in a very large plate

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