Thursday, October 15, 2015

electrical system update - isolde part 5

For those following this post series, I cheated. I created a standalone post on the fabrication of the recessed panel for the energy meter (V/A meter).

I started rounding up the cookware for Isolde - a whole cart full
the push button switch I used for the energy meter is a C&K; I used a water resistance rubber boot because it looks nicer than a common hex nut; i got around to find the slip-on cap for it too to dress it up
the push button that I hacked in make the meter easier to use
soup noodles with braised beef and daikon
these are the electrical trouble shooting kit that I carry - the old aux battery compartment will make a good place for them
i bought this Korean aluminum kettle for Isolde
the folding handle make it easy to store; note the wiring that is the electrical system update - these are all the wiring that is visible
i saved this two tiny ice cube trays from the old Dometic propane refrigerator; finally i can put them to good use in the new DC fridge
a new Peugeot pepper mill too
a new Korean aluminum sauce pan

ikea rubbery tub good for storing miscellaneous item so they don't roll around on the floor

i used this tiny homemade cutting board in Isolde for years; i think i would made one with a bit more depth - another inch and it would still fit on the ledge behind the passenger seat
this Vanagon jack
the jack still fits inside the bench seat despite of the two new batteries

When I reflect on the space lost versus gain in the two deep cycle batteries that I installed in the bench seat, I realize I actually gain space because of the elimination of the heater blower, the audio amplifier, and the CD changer. for usable storage space I gain the original auxiliary battery compartment which make a good storge for hand tools and electrical trouble shooting bits.

At first glance, it seems unfortunate that the existing constraints make it not feasible to mount the two group 24 batteries more towards the passenger side. However in reality I actually reduced the weight bias to the driver side. Why? The new DC refrigerator is about 50% lighter than the old propane one. The removal of the heater blower, the audio amp and CD changer, and the removal of the old auxiliary battery under the driver seat, all these are replaced with two deep cycle batteries mounted much more inboard. I estimate there is a few pounds of weight loss.

the mini butane stove, wind screen stores nicely in here; these butane stove has saved my skin when out of propane while camping

i am still waiting for the USB power ports to arrive via slow boat from China to finish off the panel
i am happy to find out this Dexter 7" Chinese chef knife just fit in the drawer - this is my favorite kitchen knife
this is all the wiring that is with the electrical system update - i tried hard to keep the design simple and without excess; once I am satisfied there is no additional wire I will tidy the bundle up with black electrical tape

almost ready for camping

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