Sunday, November 4, 2018

cross country trip to pick up the car trailer - part 4

Leaving Toronto I headed in a beeline to Trailex in Ohio. It is located, you guessed it, just SW of Toronto but because of Lake Erie there is no best route to it so pick your poison. The detour to Toronto in this trip added may be a thousand miles in a 3000 mile each way cross country trip.
Leaving the Trailex factory returning home, I would encounter the worst of Midwest weather. It would also be the proof of the pudding of my trailer choice as well as my trailer prep on Brunnhilde for the open car trailer.

by now I just want to return home quick so I bought this supermarket roast chicken to simplify and quicken the meal preparations on the road

can you believe it? Bankkok was cooler than the American Midwest this time of the year?

this older big rig tractor trailer piqued my interest

I remember to check my Amazon wishlist on the road and found this opened box deal for this 22" LG HDTV that is 1080p. It is the only one I found that is worthy for Brunnhilde to replace the 1080p Samsung that I have repurposed for used at home. "Full HD" display has become extinct as most want the biggest and cheaper HD TV. This is light and "full HD" in the 22-24 inch range and once the inventory are gone, good luck with finding another one.

this has to be one of the nicest and spacious highway rest stop that I've seen; all too bad that I didn't spend a night there

the Trailex trailer towed effortlessly; the attentions to detail and quality are unparalleled of any competition near its price point

the trailer hitch that I bought to prepare for the Trailex is a few inches too low as can be seen in this photo; however I bought it with the anticipation that I can flip it up side down which will give a 3 inch rise; I bought the most cost-effective offering

I could not be happier with my chosen trailer brake controller; and my trailer preparation just worked

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