Sunday, November 4, 2018

new hdtv for brunnhilde

I repurposed the 23" 1080p HDTV from Brunnhilde for home use. I have been looking for a replacement. The 22" LG opened box arrived shortly after I return home from the cross country trip. It has just about everything I looked for feature wise. It is a little lighter than the Samsung it replaced but less number of ports and without the fancy touch sensitive buttons that I hate.

1080p panel HDTV in the 22 - 24 inches have been disappearing for a few years now, and I expect this old stock LG model from last year would be the last of name brand. It is perfect for used in Brunnhilde.

one test of the usability of these displays is can it be use without the remote control; thankfully this one can with very little pain points unlike the Samsung it replaced

the LG (right) is more cost-reduced but I have no problem with it

the VERSA mount fitted without any drama

bench top test with the iPhone adapter

one important use case is for video review of the day's track action

While the LG is a lower cost design compared to the Samsung, the most important attribute is greatly better than the Samsung's. It is the off axis viewing angles especially vertical. Watching from the lower berth bed the image has very little degradation. Not so with the Samsung.

the audio is airplay'ed to the Alpine audio system

my family gave me this set of canned smoked food they brought back from Japan; it is the best canned food I'd ever tasted; these are for domestic sale only

this is smoked Japanese oyster; I inferred these canned food is as good as the similar ones in Spain that cost much more than fresh

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  1. Thanks for the great tip on the LG TV. I was able to snag one of the used ones off eBay and it performs flawlessly in the Westy with Apple TV and wireless airplay screen mirroring.