Sunday, November 4, 2018

cross country trip to pick up the car trailer - part 5

Arriving home and I could not wait but to put the Mini onto the trailer to check everything out.
We have quite a car culture here in the neighborhood. One of my neighbor just bought this JDM classic. To me one down side is it is automatic.

just a quick and dirty rough loading of the Mini onto the trailer

I drove around the blocks slowly without bothering to use any tie down strap

a bit of judge by the eyeballs experiment it seems that the Mini need to be placed very rear biased to achieve a low tongue weight of within 500 lb

I gave my Dyson to my family as they are much more expensive in Canada; I bought a new one that is a car kit - what timing

I was wise to buy a 4-pack of these; one for the hitch

the tool box seems small but look is deceiving; time will tell that it is as big as they can reasonably make it; the size is just perfect when all things considered

at first glace it looks strange that the tool box sits so high and is supported on the bottom; examine it closer one appreciate like all thing Trailex design is well thought out and no corner cut

I took the road train to PIR for a 2 day weekend track event camping out there for 2 nights

I acquired this e-bike as track side transportation

the Trailex 8045 proved to be a perfect car trailer for Brunnhilde, for the Mini as well as the Porsche

here is a teaser foto with the GT4 from the most recent track event; once the trailer hitch has been flipped and the car properly located the weight distribution is perfect to stay within the 500/5000 lb tongue and tow weight limits

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