Friday, February 16, 2018

bountiful of dungeness crabs

There has been many years now that the harvest of Dungeness crabs has not been good. The prices had been high and the crabs were small. This year the harvest season also have it share of difficulties, but finally for the first time in many years, the price is much better especially if you go buy live ones from Asian fish mongers.

I have been making my own Chinese sour mustard green many times now. It is better than any that I can buy from stores.

this batch is about 2.5 pounds; I love to snack on them too besides using for cooking

this is one of my Asian fish mongers of choice

I also have been buying these small oysters to shuck and eat raw

I typically can only eat the legs and claws and I am so full. I then harvest the meat in the body and that will give me a rice bowlful of meat for use in other dishes. I like to make Japanese rolled omelette with the meat and some Parmesan cheese.

I have been gorging on these crabs while it is in season and in plentiful supply.

this is a big one

still more servings of rolled omelette with dungeness crab meat and Parmesan cheese

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