Thursday, February 15, 2018

new display monitor - part 4

I must have fallen over the deep end. Today I actually made some effort to tidy up the multitude of cables for the two monitors by feeding them through the monitor arms. I even bothered to connect up the USB hub that is integrated into the monitor. I only did it for the left hand side monitor as it has two ports on the side that is not obstructed.

This is why these monitor arm is the best money can buy. They thought of everything and set out to design to meet all these objectives. The DVI connectors is one of the biggest connectors for computer monitor (and I hate it with passion). The middle pivot joint of the monitor arm internal diameter is designed just large enough to allow one to pass through a big ass DVI connector.

the cable chase built into the monitor arm

I managed to find this cable chase for my monitor arm that I had never use until now

this is how tidy it looks once the cables are concealed; I didn't bother to put on a dome shape cap at the middle pivot as you cannot see it unless you peek from under the monitors

I could not route the DVI cable for the left hand side monitor as I don't have a cable long enough for the extra bends it takes to be concealed inside the monitor arm.

looking from above the monitors - it is much tidier now

The installation of the second monitor arm and some effort allowed me to reclaim close to 4 square feet of usable desktop surface. This is the biggest reason that I am so thrilled about the new monitor and arm.

here is the "before" situation

here is now - see all the things that I can store under the monitors

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