Wednesday, February 14, 2018

new display monitor - part 3

I could not contain my happiness looking forward to UPS delivery of the pre-owned monitor arm that I bought from eBay. I found one at a price that I could not refuse. While I would prefer the color to be white this one is silver. The truth is the color does not matter much as one cannot see the monitor arm unless you go to the back of the desk.

the seller were using it with a 27" iMac
Before I commit to the purchase I scrutinized the photos and I could tell there are a few blemishes. Today it arrived and I have the right expectation.

all the pieces are there; it is exactly like mine white one except in silver

here I mounted onto the accessory bar of the Vitra Ad Hoc Desk

I just cannot understand how other people can abuse a great product like this. The bad paint chip on the upper arm must have been caused by repeated over-rotate the dual axial joint too far with no regard the limits of the articulations.

there are these paint surface damages from bad user habits with no regard to proper usage

I have to significantly reduce the spring rate of the arm as the newer monitors are so much lighter, especially compared to an older 27-inch iMac

I could not separate at the swivel head so attaching the monitor is a bit awkward

a view from above - revealing how the two monitor arms fastened to the accessory tool bar

After a lot of fussing I fine tune the two monitors to just the way I like. When I have more time I could route the cables inside the monitor arm. You can see all the desktop surface that has been reclaimed. To me this is worth the money as desktop area is very precious. It is such a luxury to have very generous desktop area.

this is the desktop today; I moved the Aiwa compact stereo out of the way (top right) as sound stage and stereo imaging is not that important

this is the desktop a few days ago

This old photo has a better detail of the Ad Hoc Desk; the accessory bar is supported by two arms that attached to the backbone superstructure of the desk under the desktop. Hence no loss of the precious desktop surface area; the system can be configured in many different ways with the same pieces. In my current home office the end bookcase is relocated to the end of the right hand side. I maintain the same desktop surface thought they can be flipped mirror image should one desires.

My Vitra Ad Hoc Desk system is the first generation. Since its inception the series has gone through many generations with varied office design evolution. No longer is there such expansive desk for one person. I seized the opportunity when I had a second chance to buy one.

If you are interested in some of the best designed furniture and never heard of Vitra it would be worthwhile go browse the company's collection. What is interesting is my observation of Ikea over the decades. Very often I can identify pieces that are shameless copy of the designs by Vitra's famed designers.

here is one design by the Bouroullec brothers at Vitra

this is the second generation of the similar system with elliptical surface which is more stylish at the expense of less functional

Vitra Design Museum is one place that I want to visit when in Germany.

I want to think ahead in case I decide to put the 2015 Retina 5k iMac onto a monitor arm. I just spent one half hour doing research. Initially many of these adapters including some made by Apple appears will fit. As I dug deeper I would soon realize none are compatible. Then I remember when I was buying the iMac, I actually looked into this matter and the specifics I forgot. This newer iMac including mine, the L-shape foot cannot be detached from the all-in-one computer body without tearing the computer apart, which is beyond the trouble even the most skilled would want to bother. To be able to mount it onto a monitor arm, Apple used to sell a special model that has VESA mount provision, and the iMac does not come with the standard stand. Apple - you suck; stupid fashion victim products where form trumps functions.

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